Comatose: By Micah Herman

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m back to write more stories and give and receive constructive criticism.

Please let me know what you think of this new piece I’ve been working on.

Chapter 1 – Scene 1

She has the nerve to look me in the face and tell me she’s done nothing wrong. She is up and then she is down, and not in an understanding sort of bipolar medical way. She’s a narcissistic psycho. An attention whore! This is who Amy is;  she will look me in the face, tell me something she’s done, and I will tell her it is wrong, because it is wrong. Then she’ll deny the whole thing ever happen. She’ll act as if I didn’t hear her say she did what she did. She’ll say she was only checking to see if what she did was wrong. A grown woman doesn’t know right from wrong! I don’t know why I stay with her-Why I suffer! Why I play in the vicious cycle of her games.

I almost know for certain there’s something going on between her and her boss, Nick. the only missing piece is me walking into his office, he bending her over the desk. I kind of hope I see it happen. It would make the breakup that much easier.I could just walk in on them fucking, and I could say we’re done! I could make her feel like shit, make her feel the pain I’ve felt all of these years, but I guess I haven’t been fortunate enough. I guess I’ll never be fortunate enough because she’s too good, and I can’t seem to catch her in the act. She leaves me dangling in the air with suspense and suspicion.

It’s hard to breakup with someone you’ve been with for years. Your high school sweetheart. Those don’t exist. No such thing, because they’re just dumb kids who know nothing about love, and get caught in a lengthy relationship they can’t escape. The thousands of love letters sent through class, just for the note to read, I love you. Ha! The fazes of crazy outfits and even crazier haircuts you had together because it was in style or cool at the time. No! It’s not easy. The only thing separating us from marriage is a ring and a piece of paper. We need something huge to break us up, because we’ve been through too much together. It’s ride or die with high school sweethearts, and Amy is exactly that.

“I’m not doing anything wrong, I haven’t done anything wrong!” She says, but I know she has. This is her dumb card she plays. Her checking game, and I know it’s all wrong. You told me that you went out with Nick.” I say. For the first time I see the guilt in her face. The paleness and flush of skin mix together, and she knows I know.

“And?” She crosses her arms like a three year old, hip cocked to the left, and she thinks she’s getting out of this argument with her attitude. She’s damn wrong again.

“And you’re just going out with other men, without me knowing?” She stares at me dumbfounded. “I just gave you the key to my apartment. We’ve been together all these years, we’ve waited to move in all these years, and when I finally give you the key, you go and do something stupid like this?”

“I don’t understand why you’re so mad! Nick is a great guy. He wouldn’t try something like your dirty mind would think, Shi.” She begins to extend her neck outward and point at her chest like she’s defending some worthless point. “He’s like a brother to me.” There she goes. She acts so naive. She acts as though no man has a sexual thought about his girl friend. That everyone is thinking candy canes and lollypops.

“Yes—He would. And, a brother! Seriously? A brother who checks out your ass, in front of me! I know who he is. I’ve known from the first day I met him. That’s what type of man he is, because if he wasn’t, then he’d ask me, the boyfriend, permission to take my girlfriend out to dinner! I don’t care ifit’s just as friends.” Her worthless point she defended crumbles before her, and she’s lost.

“I’m done with this conversation. I’m going home.” She puts her pointer finger up as though that will end this conversation. Like she cast a spell on this argument to be through.

My knuckles roll into fists, but I won’t hit her. I never could. “So what happens now?” I say, and I pray to god she says we’re over.

“Fine!” She folds her arms one over the other again and says, “I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. Will you forgive me?” She gives me those damn puppy dog eyes. She knows they can make me do anything for her, and I say, Yes like the dumbass I am. “Bye.” She says, and just like that she leaves.

I’m left feeling like shit. Like a winning team that gets no cheer. She does this to me every time. She says she’s sorry after a huge argument, makes me forgive her, and sweeps it under the rug. But you can only hide you dirt for so long before you realize you have to throw the rug away.

I go upstairs to my bedroom, defeated by an argument I won. The room is an explosion of Amy. Her clothes are thrown over my bed! I want to burn them. Her books are on my dresser in front of my TV! I want to tear every page out. Her personal products are in my bathroom! I want to throw her toothbrush in the toiletand place it back on the sink to air dry. I can’t help but to grinned my teeth at the thought of her shit in my house. She makes me the worst man I could possibly be, she makes me feel psychotic, she is a demon, she is my hell on earth… but yet I still love her.


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