Free Write (DREAM)

This is a free write of a dream I had. I didn’t want to edit it or do anything to alter it because I woke up and grabbed my computer and typed. This is everything I saw and remembered immediately. Let me know what you think of the dream, and what you think of the raw voice (No editing, I mean).

I dreamed I was lonely, and I wasn’t myself. I wasn’t from where I was. I was someone else. I was a native-American, back before our time is what our time is, and whatever you’d like to call it. I dreamed. I was so lonely on a grassy hilltop with small blades of wheat growing everywhere on this hilltop, and I sat face forward looking out over the plains and meadows in the night.

This night, with the cool wind blowing my dark black hair in front of my face, I stared off and wondered. Who am I? Why am I here? Who do I serve and who serves me? The night air  was blowing, and the moon shinned behind me: low and obvious and bright. And in this field before me was small trees like an African safari. It stared back at me with eyes I couldn’t see but they were there. Because I could feel the eyes upon me.

As I wondered and my mind raced I saw the shadows of the night move. These shadows were looking at me, and I no longer wondered. I felt… For the first time in my life I felt something.


Power like no other! and I knew I was powerful because I was the only one of my kind. I was a king. The shadows that moved were animals. The closest to me was the top of the kingdom: Lion, tigers, elephants, and they looked so strong and powerful. And beyond them were deer and antelope and small furry creatures beyond them. They all stood in unison and peace and harmony. Their appetites were filled by the night air and the moon was their drink. They were bathed in the night.

I sat with my legs crossed, and then the animals stood before me. They stood and stared with such dependance upon me. I was the king. I was their protector and they felt safe. I felt the power come through me again and so I stood. The power circulated through my entire body and I was whole. The animals continued to stare and worship. I was the image of my creator, and I was the image of the creator. And they all stayed quiet and the world was quiet in my loneliness. I was…

I was…

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