Chasing Clouds Of…

They said it made you invincible. They said it’ll make the party that much better… They said everyone was doing it and everyone would remember the night as legendary, and I’ll have missed out on the night of a lifetime.

So what was the big deal? One little pill would stand in the way of a night to remember?

Yes! But it wouldn’t stand in the way that night. It would stand in front of my life and say I am your priority.

I don’t remember much of that night. The alcohol was pouring, sure. The people were raving, of course. And the people were all focused on each other, but me.

I was in a euphoric cloud that I didn’t want to fall from. It was a feeling like no other. Bliss. Sublim. Euphoria. Say the word you’d like, to understand half the feeling I felt 15 minutes after I felt the disolving pill dripped down my throat.

That night I don’t remember, but that night I do remember.

I’ve been chasing that night ever since. Chasing the one thing that’s killed me slowly every day since.

I’ve been chasing clouds of

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