Drugs are (Good) bad! 

Don’t ever do drugs, they’ll destroy your life!” My mother said to me as a heroin commercial played on the TV in the background.

I should’ve listened…

A little pill. I’ve seen a million. But this one pill..

Different pills for different problems. A problem… did I have a problem before my problem? 

Who would’ve known the pale sullenness stare of a little pill would be more seducing than anyone I’d ever come across. I rage to think of the day we met! I wish I’d never shook your death-kissed hand. I should’ve of turned and walked away when you told me to with your sulking stare.

I was outgoing and ambitious. You kept me indoors inside the gloomy clouds of your euphoria. I couldn’t escape and you grinned because you knew you had me.

I will forever be haunted with or without you because you left a permenant flavor of the bitter sweet burn that coats my nostrils.

I hate you with everything that I am, I hate the person you’ve made me become, but yet I can’t live without you, not since we met…

-A Tweekers Tale

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