A Month in May Chapter 2

Hey Weekenders,

The wait is over. Here is chapter two of A Month in May. 

2 May.


I sit in a room clouded with coffee beans. It feels suffocating. Blissful if I don’t breathe too deeply. Outside is perfect: The scent of coffee beans diminish, making my head function, my throat clear, and my mind focused. I can read my book without the set of claustrophobia setting in. I drift off, even though the hypnosis of coffee beans are gone, to the chirping of birds singing the daily song. The sun hits my face again. It’s not that the sun never touches me, but somehow I feel it trickle upon me in a blissful manner. Sanctuary. I feel a breeze. It touches my face and down my chest— Refreshing. A cloud in the distance seems ready to cover the sun. I know it’s coming, but I enjoy the remaining 5 minutes I estimate before the sun is covered. The sun-rays surround my face. It doesn’t burn me. It warms me. I like it. I don’t want to move. Time feels infinite; I forget about the cloud, but then the cloud covers the sun. It’s gone. My eyes open. The dark shadowy cloud covers me. I look for my coffee. I lost my sense of direction. I find it. It’s still sitting on the table next to my book. I see the steam filtering through the small opening of the mouth piece. The coffee is still hot. I must not have been daydreaming too long. My book is flipped face down. It’s halfway read. I feel I’ve been reading this particular book for an eternity. Patience. I’ll finish it. Patience. The cloud rolls pass the sun and trickles upon my face again. Sanctuary.

Micah H.

I do apologize about my site. It is currently being built because I bought the domain, so I’m no longer a .wordpress.com blog! I’m very excited, but I will reblog it later for everyone to read!

I hope you enjoyed!

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