Atomic Chapter 2

The wait is final over. Here is chapter 2 of Atomic.




Chapter 2—I won’t die without you knowing


She stares at the wall. She sits in the silent chaos that her bedroom has become since she created it. The way she feels for him. These four walls won’t hold her back. She’s somewhere else when she focuses hard enough, and she drowns out the sounds of her frantic family in the other room. She wants to be with him right now, and she’ll be there soon if she can concentrate hard enough.

There she is. Right where she wants to be, in Tony’s arms.

She thinks about that night. They studied so late she thought their brains would explode. They were so exhausted mentally that they didn’t say a word to each other. They just sat in an awkward silence which they’ve never experienced before. They don’t get awkward because they were friends, and awkward silence doesn’t exist.

She just kept thinking and wondering what he was thinking, and he was thinking the same. They looked into each other’s eyes, and they caught the fireworks in each other. They felt the same and they both knew it, but neither would say it. They just smiled at each other. Margaret giggled for no reason and placed a hand on his thigh. Tony knew this wasn’t what they do. They hang on each. They’ll press cheeks together for a picture. They’ll even holds hands for a moment to direct each other somewhere just for a moment, but they never touched legs. It was off limits. Or was it?

Tony leaned so slow, she could’ve had time to run away or stop him, but she just savored the moment. The silent chaos in her room that she created. Their lips become magnets and they almost meet…

A knock on the door wakes her from her daydream.

It was her mother calling her to spend time with family. Her mother always thought she spent too much time alone, but when she wasn’t with Tony she didn’t want to see anyone else. No one understood her like her best friend. Like the love of her life. She once mentioned it to her mother. She told her that she thought she was in love with Tony, and her mother said when it comes to love you don’t think… You know.

She could only smile because she didn’t think, she knew.

Margaret went to the living room and saw everyone. Their eyes fixated on the TV. She didn’t care about the current events. She just wanted to see the only person who existed in her eyes.

She loved her family. She loved her other friends who were more acquaintances, but she only needed one person to make her happy. Tony.

Her family beg her to come into the living room and watch the news with them, but she doesn’t want to hear the world’s demise. She wants her destruction to be in the arms of Tony. She goes to the front door and to the left of the door is a window she loves sitting next to, watching the world pass her by. The curtains are slightly ajar. Her eyes hardly open because she’s not looking, she’s dreaming again.

There he is. Tony. He’s walking up to her front door, and she wishes this dream was real, so she could run outside and jump on him. He’s not there. It’s still a dream, she thinks. But Tony keeps getting closer, and he seems so real, and she’s spent so much time in her dream world she can’t separate reality from her dreams anymore. She sees he has a letter in his hand, and she knows this isn’t a dream anymore.

Tony leaves the letter in the mailbox.

The mailbox makes a cling sound, and her father asks who’s outside. She says, the only person I wanted to be outside my door. Her father ignores her mumbles, and the family ignores her to watch TV.

She waits a good while until finally going out there to grab, and when she does, she almost cries. She doesn’t cry. She stays strong. She runs upstairs, and she hides the letter.

When the day gets later, and the family starts to calm down a bit because the bombs aren’t dropping yet, she’s ready to open the letter. She smells the envelope thinking it would smell like him, but it doesn’t really. It just smells like paper, but she pretends it does linger with his scent.

She gazes upon the words she so longed to hear. A weight lifted from her shoulders, but a new weight has begin to weigh on her. Even after she gets the boy she’s always wanted. The world was still ending. Her time would be so limited. She could be happy with the time she’d have with him, and cherish every moment, but she’s selfish and wants a lifetime. She doesn’t want only a moment.

She gasps.

The reality of death, her family, his family, and him. It’ll all go away. We’ll all be gone, she thinks. She places the notes back under her mattress and lets it live there until she can escape reality. She needs to dream. She needs to go back to her mind. The walls around her are closing in, and she’s suffocating.

She thinks, I won’t die without you know…


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