Hello weekenders,

I recently became a father of a beautiful little girl: Johanna Misa Herman.

I haven’t wrote her anything yet, and I’d like to share my first piece with you all.




5lbs. 13oz. You were my little angle

I looked at you and I saw a piece of me. 

Your little fingers spread wide open like the wide world you enter moment before.

Then your tiny hand closed around my finger when I put it to your hand.

You didn’t cry. You didn’t scream. You looked about. You looked right at me.

And I knew right then and there

I no longer live for myself. 

My dreams. My life. Everything I am and who I was…

It didn’t matter any longer. 

Because you were the priority. 

You were and are my little princess. 

You will always be daddy’s little girl as long as I am still here.

Micah H.


5 thoughts on “Johanna

  1. Beautifully expressed. As the father of 5, that’s right, 5 daughters, They taught me the importance of being a good example for them. They were and continue to be a wonderful gift from God to me. Here’s hoping all the good things life has to offer flow to you and your family. Thank you for the wonderful post. Ray

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  2. Thank you Ray for sharing that! I am a young new father, but I now know what it means to be a parent. I am a proud father, and I hope my daughter will look up to me as I have to my father and have her be proud of me. I am truly blessed! I not only want to be a father, but I want to be a good Dad.


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