The Elements of Style

Hello Weekenders,

Hey guys! I have a bit of a book review for writers of advance and beginner alike.

The Elements of Style is the go to book when it comes to everything writing. I personally go to this book more often than The Chicago Manual of Style because the latter is big and is a sea of detailed descriptions of what is the English language, and sometimes I find it hard to find my answer because it’s so vast.

The Elements of Style is for the writer who doesn’t need help with knowing what a pronoun is, or what is a verb. It’s compact and high quality. I read The Elements of Style religiously, and I believe that every writer, who wants a fighting chance of becoming a good writer, should be studying.

It’s not expensive, and it will change your writing for the better, and it will make you crave knowledge of the English language. It has changed my thoughts of I enjoy writing to I cannot live without writing. 

Trust me on this. If you do not have The Elements of Style. You need to get this book now!

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