A Month in May

Hello Weekenders,

Here is Chapter 3 of A Month in May. I hope you enjoy!

3 May



Preacher: Speaking! Shouting! Yelling! Condemning! The seats: wooden, uncomfortable. It’s cold. I feel the chill in the air, almost enough to see my breath. His voice diminishes to a muffle in the back of my head. I look around. I see them. The congregation is listening to him. The man behind the pulpit. Raising their Bibles in belief and agreeability. Standing alone: me. In the back row—I sit. A cage in the middle: my soul trapped inside with my sins on my sleeves. Everyone sees me: my sins. Prayer: Changes everything. The choice: Praying to God at the end of the sermon. Wash away my sins and make me free! That’s all it takes. Patience: Not here. It’s now or never— I wait. A crowd to the alter— They pray. For me? I wish! If I asked— Maybe. Every person: Standing. Me— I sit alone in the back. A man approaches me. I can’t move. He’s looking at me. He’s smiling. He offers to lead me to the alter. He’ll pray with me. The choice: I go. He takes me to the center of the alter. The cage is closing. I feel the sins cover my sleeves. They can see me. The man talks— His eyes are closed. The muffle covers my ears. I can’t hear him. His last words: Amen. I walk back to my seat— The congregation peers onto me. I taste the bitterness of my sins. I leave: Running from the truth— Possibly.

If you didn’t catch last week’s Chapter 2—A Month in May you can follow the link to go directly to it!

Chapter 2—A Month in May


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