Hold Your Lover Dear!

Hello Weekenders, 

This was a poem I wrote. I got marriage very young and very fast and soon realized that my puppy love was running out. I soon realized that my parents marriage that I cherished didn’t come so quickly. It took years of marriage to build what I wanted, and it takes a lot of compromising.

Love & fire are burning

The thing about marriage is it’s always turning

I find the path of bonding 

Is the narrow path of finding

A missing piece that can’t be found

Saving your marriage is through sound 

Your voice is the piece that can’t be found

Through communication you’re eternally bound

You say a vow and hold it dear

You wear a ring year after year

Whether your spouse is far or near

Keep your blinders on and keep the fear

The liars and thieves and misconception filled ear

Hold them close… hold them dear.

Micah H.

I hope you’ve enjoyed. I hope that if you ever get married young that you will give every bit of yourself before ever giving up.

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