A Month in May

Hello Weekenders,

Here’s another day in the Month of May! Thank you for being so patience.

3 May.




 Preacher: Speaking! Shouting! Yelling! Condemning! The seats: wooden, uncomfortable. It’s cold. I feel the chill in the air, almost enough to see my breath. His voice diminishes to a muffle in the back of my head. I look around. I see them. The congregation is listening to him. The man behind the pulpit. Raising their Bibles in belief and agreeability. Standing alone: me. In the back row—I sit. A cage in the middle: my soul trapped inside with my sins on my sleeves. Everyone sees me: my sins. Prayer: Changes everything. The choice: Praying to God at the end of the sermon. Wash away my sins and make me free! That’s all it takes. Patience: Not here. It’s now or never— I wait. A crowd to the alter— They pray. For me? I wish! If I asked— Maybe. Every person: Standing. Me— I sit alone in the back. A man approaches me. I can’t move. He’s looking at me. He’s smiling. He offers to lead me to the alter. He’ll pray with me. The choice: I go. He takes me to the center of the alter. The cage is closing. I feel the sins cover my sleeves. They can see me. The man talks— His eyes are closed. The muffle covers my ears. I can’t hear him. His last words: Amen. I walk back to my seat— The congregation peers onto me. I taste the bitterness of my sins. I leave: Running from the truth— Possibly.

Micah H. 

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