We, the addicts, We, the drug-dealers, We, the accusers, We, the hypocrites!

This was a piece I wrote in pure rage at the “System” when things weren’t unraveling in my favor. The morning light rises and the brewing addiction awaits. The prostitutes are salesmen laughing in our hesitation. The preacher above us all sniffing his Cocain of hypocrisy. We point to the poor in judgment and slander. […]

Daily Post & Weekly Schedule

My schedule post and what to anticipate with each day: Monday: Daily Post & A Tweeker’s Tale Tuesday: Daily Post & Poetry Wednesday: Daily Post & Poetry/Flash Fiction Thursday: Daily Post & Tweeker’s Tale Friday: Daily Post & A Month in May Saturday: Daily Post & Short Story Series: Atomic Sunday: Daily Post & Poetry/Flash […]

Diamonds aren’t forever

Originally posted on TheWeekendStory:
I have kissed the lips of poisonous beauty. I listened to the lies of blatant ambiguity. Emotions adrift as light as a feather. As love and truth, Diamonds aren’t forever.

Daily Post & Weekly Schedule

My schedule post and what to anticipate with each day: Monday: Daily Post & A Tweeker’s Tale Tuesday: Daily Post & Poetry Wednesday: Daily Post & Poetry/Flash Fiction Thursday: Daily Post & Tweeker’s Tale Friday: Daily Post & A Month in May Saturday: Daily Post & Short Story Series: Atomic Sunday: Daily Post & Poetry/Flash Fiction If you have suggestion of what […]

Freelance Writer

Hello Weekenders, If you’re looking to start out writing for small and large companies and make some money, there’s a site on twitter that post new jobs for unexperienced writers daily. Just go to my twitter and you’ll see that I share tweets daily that I think is best for beginners. Tweets by MicahDHerman Happy […]

I Am A Writer

My professor once ask me to write a paragraph and title it: I’m a writer because… Well Professor… sorry, I never wrote it.. Here you go Professor! I’m a writer because I don’t have passions for a lot of things. I am a writer because I am a loner, a drifter. I am a writer […]

Great Friday!

I hope everyone is having a great Friday! If you aren’t having a good day then I hope your day flips around. Tomorrow always gets better, but it can’t get better without you. So, stay positive and happy; tomorrow is what we need to live for. It’s a new beginning, a new day; a day […]