Whittled Love

Hello Weekenders,  This is a style I’ve been practicing. It’s completely different. It’s compact and sharp. I don’t think anyone has ever seen it, but I’m hoping I can perfect it. He whittles away at a small piece of wood trying to make a knife with a knife. He thinks of the girl that passed […]

The Games’ Conflict

Hello Weekenders, I have been a little away from The Weekend Story a bit because of some exciting new things to come and things in the making, but he is a story I wrote for my creative writing course in college. Let me know what you think. It take a different approach, not so much […]

Follow Me

This Flash-Fiction story is a little longer, but I think you’ll really enjoy it! Have fun reading, and let me know your thoughts in the comments. Micah Herman Follow Me She said it was over; that it was too late. What’s been done is done, and the consequence is losing her; she said it so […]

Free Write (DREAM)

This is a free write of a dream I had. I didn’t want to edit it or do anything to alter it because I woke up and grabbed my computer and typed. This is everything I saw and remembered immediately. Let me know what you think of the dream, and what you think of the […]

Pissing in the wind

A little freestyle writing. This scene of a man thinking about the father he never had came to mind. “Piss in the wind if it makes you happy, Mack.” My father told me that everyday, chewing on a match, resembling a cowboy rebel, well, in my eyes he looked the part, anyway. But every cowboy […]