Hello weekenders, I am the tremble in her voice when she attempts to speak.  Have a great weekend

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Hello weekenders, I took a little bite, but I won’t buy it all.  I only wanted a taste and to see how far you’d fall.  Micah H. 


Hello Weekenders,   Sanity   How does one know when they’re sane and when they’re insane? Is insanity the constant fascination of what human flesh may taste like? Is sanity being a good person without ever saying an insane thing? Fighting the urges of insanity is sane, and truth is insanity. The world is an […]

How Do I Feel?

Hello Weekenders, Here’s a little something for some of us who’ve had enough right now.   How do I feel? What do I say? Fuck you! It all goes away…   Micah H. Thanks for leaving a Like and Subscribing!

Hold Your Lover Dear!

Hello Weekenders,  This was a poem I wrote. I got marriage very young and very fast and soon realized that my puppy love was running out. I soon realized that my parents marriage that I cherished didn’t come so quickly. It took years of marriage to build what I wanted, and it takes a lot […]

Not How… But When?

Hello Weekenders,   Not How… But When?   I sat, I wept, I longed, I wanted every day I pray and pray and pray but the hurt won’t go away I sit and I wonder when does it end? My heart will let it go but the question is when? Micah H.

Her Type

Hello Weekenders, Her Type   She stares into his eyes and says, “I love you, don’t you love me?” He’s fixated on her, and he nods his head in a hypnosis linger. His arm is bent behind his back; he has so many questions that won’t be answered. She leaves him right where she always […]