A Month in May

Hello Weekenders, Here is Chapter 3 of A Month in May. I hope you enjoy! 3 May Church   Preacher: Speaking! Shouting! Yelling! Condemning! The seats: wooden, uncomfortable. It’s cold. I feel the chill in the air, almost enough to see my breath. His voice diminishes to a muffle in the back of my head. […]

Atomic Chapter 2

The wait is final over. Here is chapter 2 of Atomic.   Atomic   Chapter 2—I won’t die without you knowing   She stares at the wall. She sits in the silent chaos that her bedroom has become since she created it. The way she feels for him. These four walls won’t hold her back. […]

A Month in May Chapter 2

Hey Weekenders, The wait is over. Here is chapter two of A Month in May.  2 May. Coffeeshop I sit in a room clouded with coffee beans. It feels suffocating. Blissful if I don’t breathe too deeply. Outside is perfect: The scent of coffee beans diminish, making my head function, my throat clear, and my […]

Atomic Chapter 1

Hello Weekenders, This is the beginning of a ten chapter series of a short story I’m starting. Past post explains the story. I will be posting a chapter every Saturday for the next ten weeks, so keep an eye out for it and don’t miss a Chapter.   Atomic   Chapter 1—I can’t live without […]

A Month in May

There was a writing exercise I used to do where I would write about the month I was in. I’d write in a brief and halting voice. Stopping and going. Blunt would be the way to describe it. I wrote this one in May, so I will be post from this post: 1 May. I […]