A Month in May

Hello Weekenders, Here’s another day in the Month of May! Thank you for being so patience. 3 May.   Church    Preacher: Speaking! Shouting! Yelling! Condemning! The seats: wooden, uncomfortable. It’s cold. I feel the chill in the air, almost enough to see my breath. His voice diminishes to a muffle in the back of […]

Atomic Chapter 1

Hello Weekenders, This is the beginning of a ten chapter series of a short story I’m starting. Past post explains the story. I will be posting a chapter every Saturday for the next ten weeks, so keep an eye out for it and don’t miss a Chapter.   Atomic   Chapter 1—I can’t live without […]

New Short Story

I am writing a new short story, and I would love to have constructive criticism. I’m going to make it 10,000 words, and I don’t want to go over because I’m trying a condensed story that is quality. Trying to stay away from sentence run ons and needless sentences. I will try to post a […]