Hello weekenders, I recently became a father of a beautiful little girl: Johanna Misa Herman. I haven’t wrote her anything yet, and I’d like to share my first piece with you all.   Johanna   5lbs. 13oz. You were my little angle I looked at you and I saw a piece of me.  Your little […]


  TRUTH (LIES)   It’s not you! I promise. I don’t know how to explain it… It’s just a feeling. I swear to you it’s not you! If it was you, I’d tell you. I always tell you everything. … It is her, It’s always been her and it will always be her. Micah H.

The Elements of Style

Hello Weekenders, Hey guys! I have a bit of a book review for writers of advance and beginner alike. The Elements of Style is the go to book when it comes to everything writing. I personally go to this book more often than The Chicago Manual of Style because the latter is big and is […]

Whittled Love

Hello Weekenders,  This is a style I’ve been practicing. It’s completely different. It’s compact and sharp. I don’t think anyone has ever seen it, but I’m hoping I can perfect it. He whittles away at a small piece of wood trying to make a knife with a knife. He thinks of the girl that passed […]


Hello weekenders,  Here is a poem I hope you all enjoy.  History   We were the history that everyone read She ended our love like true blood is red At times I test her love for me and her She leaves blank: a writers blinking cursor  I lay awake, I cannot sleep this night I […]