A Month in May

Hello Weekenders, Here is Chapter 3 of A Month in May. I hope you enjoy! 3 May Church   Preacher: Speaking! Shouting! Yelling! Condemning! The seats: wooden, uncomfortable. It’s cold. I feel the chill in the air, almost enough to see my breath. His voice diminishes to a muffle in the back of my head. […]

Not How… But When?

Hello Weekenders,   Not How… But When?   I sat, I wept, I longed, I wanted every day I pray and pray and pray but the hurt won’t go away I sit and I wonder when does it end? My heart will let it go but the question is when? Micah H.

Her Type

Hello Weekenders, Her Type   She stares into his eyes and says, “I love you, don’t you love me?” He’s fixated on her, and he nods his head in a hypnosis linger. His arm is bent behind his back; he has so many questions that won’t be answered. She leaves him right where she always […]

Qualify As Friends

Hello weekenders, Qualify As Friends   A salty tear from the residue of pain that will still remain Abusing substance with pills for the hurt that fills Settling with the latter of fury and the mental worry  Lonely little life, falling for you like a child loving blue I wish I still had a defense and […]


Hello weekenders, I recently became a father of a beautiful little girl: Johanna Misa Herman. I haven’t wrote her anything yet, and I’d like to share my first piece with you all.   Johanna   5lbs. 13oz. You were my little angle I looked at you and I saw a piece of me.  Your little […]


  TRUTH (LIES)   It’s not you! I promise. I don’t know how to explain it… It’s just a feeling. I swear to you it’s not you! If it was you, I’d tell you. I always tell you everything. … It is her, It’s always been her and it will always be her. Micah H.

The Elements of Style

Hello Weekenders, Hey guys! I have a bit of a book review for writers of advance and beginner alike. The Elements of Style is the go to book when it comes to everything writing. I personally go to this book more often than The Chicago Manual of Style because the latter is big and is […]

Whittled Love

Hello Weekenders,  This is a style I’ve been practicing. It’s completely different. It’s compact and sharp. I don’t think anyone has ever seen it, but I’m hoping I can perfect it. He whittles away at a small piece of wood trying to make a knife with a knife. He thinks of the girl that passed […]


Hello weekenders,  Here is a poem I hope you all enjoy.  History   We were the history that everyone read She ended our love like true blood is red At times I test her love for me and her She leaves blank: a writers blinking cursor  I lay awake, I cannot sleep this night I […]


Hello Weekenders, I hope you enjoy: Hope   If only I knew what she could do to me.  If I only knew she’d be the only thing I’d ever want..  I’d do it all over again and again Because to have had her is to be complete. From time to time I think of her […]